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Our History



Bock Vet Pharma incorporated in 2010, and launched its first product, Capilex®, in March 2011.  This innovative hairball control product was the first in the “easy chew” product line and was voted Best New Product at the 2011 AVMA annual convention in St. Louis, MO.  The second product in the “easy chew” line, Lysinex®, was also launched at the same convention. Since its launch, Lysinex, a 500mg lysine supplement, has made feline herpes treatment a treat for thousands of cats nationwide.


Quickly following the first two product launches, Bock Vet Pharma released a novel topical wound micro-emulsion Deter-X® in December 2011 for postoperative wound care and the treatment of chronic lick granulomas.  Deter-X was voted Best New Product at the 2012 AVMA annual convention the year following the Capilex win.  This marked the first time a company had won Best New Product Awards in back to back years at the AVMA conference.


In 2011, Bock Vet Pharma began its commercial expansion, hiring experienced territory managers to service major metropolitan markets in the United States.   The new outside territory managers increased BVP's ability to provide personal service in the field, adding to an already strong core team of technical, sales and sales support staff located at the company headquarters in St. Louis, MO.


Most recently, in March 2014, a third product in the “easy chew” line was launched.  ConSeal-AlH® is a powerful chew designed to aid in the management of elevated phosphorous levels common seen in chronic kidney disease. ConSeal-AlH offers 200mg of the potent phosphorous binder aluminum hydroxide in our palatable easy chew delivery system, providing a significant opportunity to improve treatment compliance for dogs and cats with CKD.

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