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"Deter-X is a great product!  I prescribe it frequently and my clients love the benefits to wound healing it offers."
Rebecca G. DVM

Missouri City, TX


Deter-X® is a breakthrough in postoperative surgical care. Its unique bioadhesive properties allow it to adhere to wet or dry skin, creating a protective barrier that won't wash off. This protective barrier repels water and external irritants while promoting wound healing.
The patented microcapsular formulation of Deter-X releases both pramoxine and a bitterant into the post-surgical environment, resulting in a synergistic effect which relieves pain and minimizes self-trauma at the surgical site.
Deter-X's extended effect also makes it an ideal choice for chronic acral lick granulomas.  When added to a comprehensive treatment plan and used as directed, Deter-X can modify chronic licking behaviors over time, significantly improving the chances for full healing.
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