Success Stories

Peaches and Laura S. Houston, TX

"Even though my cat Peaches is short-haired, she sheds alot.  Probably from stress since I have a younger cat Maggie that pesters her.  Peaches goes in the corner and pouts after being chased by her.  She does not vomit hairballs, just her food, but it is no longer a problem because of Capilex. Thank you!!"

Pipa and Lindsay H. Houston, TX

"This beautiful little girl is Pipa! She is a two year old Ragdoll and as you can see... has a LOT of fur! I started her on Capilex for hairballs and was completely amazed! Before this treatment Pipa was a very picky eater and would do nothing to exert energy (except find her food bowl! =P). I presented the capsule to her and immediately she devoured it! (Unbelievable for those who know Pipa!) Now, she is climping on her kitty furniture and playing in her tunnel toys!! She has been feeling great! All thanks to Capilex!!! I am definitely going to continue on this product because Pipa says it works!... and Pipa never lies!"

Iggy, Sophie and Kim M.  St. Louis, MO

"I have two long haired cats who used to vomit hairballs several times a week.  My carpets were getting ruined, not to mention having to clean up the mess on a regular basis!  Within 2 weeeks the hairballs were dramatically reduced to almost none.  In addition, my cats love the product!  When they hear me open the Capilex package, they come running from wherever they are in the house!  Thanks for making such a great product."

RJ and Barbara C.  Bensalem, PA

"My 13 year old cat RJ has horrible hairballs - or should I say HAD!  We started on Capilex about 4 weeks ago.  I go it from Willingboro Vet in NJ.  They are wonderful!  He happily takes his Capilex every day just like it is his favorite treat.  RJ went from having multpile hairballs EVERY week to only having one hairball in the past 4 weeks.  This makes me, his Mom, very happy!  Thank you so much for an amazing product!"

Hilo and Andrea P. Contoocook, NH

"I gave Hilo the Capilex - I just had to let you know she LOVED it, she's trying to eat the dish I put it in too.  Capilex to the rescue - yeah!"

Scamper and Maureen B. Cat Clinic at Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill, NJ

"I wanted to give you some feedback (very positive).  I have been giving my cat Scamper the Capilex since I came home.  He hardly waits for me to break it up!  He has been taking them and then wants more! I have not found any hairballs around the house either.  Thank you so much! "

Crossroads Veterinary Hospital and Mobile Vet  Defiance, MO

"We need to order more Capilex! It really seems to work! We had a client using it and the hairballs stopped, and when she stopped using it, the cat had to have surgery to remove a huge hairball that built up.  Thanks again for all your help!"

Marjorie R.  Katy, TX

"I wanted you to know how much we appreciate you getting us started on the Capilex.  It is so nice not to have to spend time each day cleaning spit up spots off the rugs!"

Estelle W.   Edwardsville, IL

"I have two cats and I have to open both of the chews and hold one in each hand and try to give it to each kitty at the same time or they will fight over it.  Capilex is definitely a treat for them.  So much better than sticky laxatone that they can fling everywhere or trying to hold them still while administering it!  Crazy - if you are a cat owner you understand!"

Miguel, RVT  Glendale, CA

"My cat loves Capilex.  The first day I tossed it in her food dish and she ate it later in the day.  Since then, she takes it as a treat and comes running as I open it."

"Gracie" and June G.   Texas

"My Maine Coon Gracie has problems with IBD.  In February, she went into a severe flare up and was at the vet's office every day for treatment.  All of this started from a huge hairball.  She never throws up, it all passes through her digestive tract.  I have given her the laxatone, but it is high drama, as she hates it on her paws.  My vet gave me Capilex and she is eating it as a treat.  So far it has been working well.  I have high hopes for this product, so she can have a more normal life."

"Snarple" and Erin H., RVT   Prince Edward Island, Canada

"I wanted to let you know how thoroughly impressed I am by your exceptional hairball product.  Capilex is the most amazing and effective hairball remedy I have ever encountered.  I am a registered veterinary technician and a long-time cat parent.  I have seen and tried my fair share of hairball products but none have been as effective as Capilex. Not only is it easy to dose and administer, but it REALLY, REALLY works!! Capilex has certianly improved the health and well being of my very sweet cat Snarple.  Bock Vet Pharma, you are an extraordinary company with a remarkable product and team!"

Odin and Mary, Houston, TX, 2015

"Odin's cat hairball issues have been totally eradicated after using Capilex for just one month. YAY!"

Angel and Angela B. Hamburg, NJ, 2015

"Our cat not only has trouble keeping food down but is also the most finicky cat I've ever
encountered. So even though I was assured by our vet that most cats "love" Capilex & will
take it readily like treats, our Angel would initially have none of it. I tried cutting up the Capilex
into smaller pieces as noted in the Tips sheet and still nothing. After 3 days of no luck &
having no other clue what to try, I crushed the Capilex to dust. Was going to sprinkle it onto
her kibble but then on a whim put the dish of nothing-but-crushed-Capilex-dust down for her to
Turned away to wash some dishes & suddenly heard a scraping sound... I looked down & she
was licking the Capilex dust bowl clean! It took 3 days of trying before I hit upon the crushing
technique that she responds to - now, I'm very thankful to say she does look forward to her
crushed Capilex tablet in a separate dish prior to her morning meal.
Persistence & patience really do mean success so if your cat is like ours and all else fails, try
my "Crush the Capilex to dust" technique. It just might be the way for your cat too!"

Michael S., DVM Countryside Animal Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY,

"After prescribing Lysinex to many cats at our hospital,  I found it very effective and palatable.  Owners are very happy with the results, but more important, their cat's quality of life is that much better.  I highly recommend this product."

Turtle and Karen S. Belleville, TX

"Turtle is a 12 yr old tortoiseshell cat that started sneezing when she got older.  The last couple of years she would sneeze and blow mucous everywhere. Since I've been giving her Lysinex she does not do it much at all.  She loves the tablets, she eats them like a treat."

Cannelle and Allen G., DVM Chicago, IL

"I had tried an oral gel and mini-treats lysine supplements for our own rescue kitten with chronic URI symptoms. The gel turned into a huge chase scene, and getting him to eat enough of the mini-treats each day was becoming a challenge. Enter Lysinex and problem solved. He eats the 1 chew-dose/day readily and our kitchen counters are clean of all the discharge. Thank you Bock and Lysinex."

Precious and Phyliss M. Chicago, IL

"My cat Precious is an 18 year old Burmese cat that has kidney failure.  One day the vet tech told me about a new product called ConSeal-AlH and gave me a box to try at home. She has been on ConSeal-AlH for about 6 months.  I was very skeptical at first and did not think Precious would eat it.  I decided to crumble it and sprinkle it over her favorite food and much to my surprise my finicky eater ate it all!


Gradually I began to see an improvement. The ConSeal has really helped her feel better.  I have seen her appetite increase and she seems to have more energy since she is eating more.  Once again she is following me around the house, looking out the window for birds and squirrels and running up the carpeted stairs to sharpen her claws in her favorite spot!  Thank you for developing this helpful prduct.  It has truly given me more time than I ever thought possible to enjoy my much loved cat."

Rebecca Green-Zachary, DVM Missouri City, TX

"Deter-X is a great product!  I prescribe it frequently and my clients love the benefits to wound healing it offers."