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Our Story

In 2008, a St. Louis veterinarian sat down with her clients to have a conversation about their beautiful, but hard to medicate, Himalayan cat, Jasmine.  Her owners were struggling to get Jasmine to take her prescribed medication and they were concerned that they were damaging their relationship with her.  They mentioned hiding, increased hissing and other behaviors that were new since they had started trying to medicate Jasmine.


One of the owners happened to work for a pharmaceutical company and he believed he had the answer. His company had a patented technology that could mask disagreeable flavors and improve palatability, so he formulated her medication into a specially flavored easy chew and Jasmine loved it! Life quickly returned to normal in their household with treatment no longer a struggle and Jasmine even began begging for her daily “treat”!  Believing this technology could improve the lives of other pets and pet owners, Bock Vet Pharma was launched with the goal of offering veterinarians and owners a better choice when medicating their pets... the choice to make treatment a treat.

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