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"My cat loves Capilex. The first day I tossed it in her food dish and she ate it later in the day. Since then, she takes it as a treat and comes running as I open it."
Miguel, RVT

Glendale, CA


Capilex® is a revolutionary new approach to hairball control. Capilex gently breaks down the hairball, allowing the ingested hair to pass naturally in the stool. The food previously trapped in the hairball can be digested and made nutritionally available to your cat. Fewer hairballs mean a healthier cat and a happier home.
Capilex does not contain petroleum by-products, such as mineral oil or white petrolatum, which can be found in other hairball remedies.
Capilex does not require a diet change or rely on fiber for its effect.  Capilex  directly targets the hairball, freeing you from reliance on hairball diets and allowing you and your veterinarian the freedom to choose the diet that is best for your cat.
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