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"After prescribing Lysinex® to cats at our hospital, I found it effective and palatable. Owners are very happy with the results, but more important, their cat's quality of life is that much better. I highly recommend this product."
Michael S. DVM

Port Jefferson, NY

Lysinex® is an innovative easy chew designed to aid in the management of feline herpes. It contains the full recomended therapeutic dose of lysine in one 500mg daily chew. The lysine in Lysinex safely suppresses the herpes virus and results in an improvement in the clinical signs of disease.
Feline Herpesvius-1 is the most common cause of upper respiratory infections in cats.  As a member of the herpesviridae family of viruses, it has the unique ability to "stick around" after the initial infection, remaining in the body in an inactive or latent state.  This latent virus has the potential to reactivate at any time and cause recurrent disease.
Although feline herpes infections are easily diagnosed in kittens, adult flare-ups can be more difficult to diagnose, often appearing similar to allergies or other causes of upper respiratory symptoms. If your cat is sneezing, sniffling, squinting, has runny eyes, nasal discharge or is congested, talk to your veterinarian about feline herpes.
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