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The Bock Vet Pharma Difference

With the founding of Bock Vet Pharma, veterinary medicine joined with industry to create a new type of company in the veterinary market; one whose founding principle was to harness the potential in its patented technologies and use them to work with and for veterinarians and their clients. At Bock Vet Pharma, we make decisions and develop policies that support the veterinarian - with the goal of becoming a trusted ally in their daily practice life. We are a company that asks, "How can we help veterinarians be successful in their practices, both in business and in client and patient care" while also asking, "How can we make treatment a treat for both owners and their pets, improving compliance and strengthening the human-animal bond."  We strongly believe industry, veterinarians, and pet owners can come together in a mutually beneficial relationship, bound by our shared love of the pets we serve.

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