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Terms of Use

I hereby irrevocably grant Bock Vet Pharma, LLC (herein, "Bock") and its affilliated companies and their respective successors, assigns, employees and agents, the exclusive, perpetual and irrevocable right and license to publish, distribute, display and reproduce my product testimonial set forth below (herein "Testimonial") in any and all promotional materials of any type and in any media, whether now known or developed in the future, including without limitation, on the world wide web and other electronic formats, and in print media, without any royalty or obligation owing to me or to me on behalf of my pet. I represent that I will not authorize any use of my Testimonial by anyone other than Bock. In addition, I hereby transfer and assign all ownership rights (including copyrights and any other intellectual property rights) I may have in my Testimonial to Bock.


I represent to the best of my knowledge that the consent of no other persons, firm, corporation or organization is required to enable Bock to use my Testimonial or enable me to transfer and assign my Testimonial to Bock, and that any use of my Testimonial will not violate the rights of any third parties.


I represent and warrant that I have full power and authority to execute this release on my/my pet's behalf, and that I have read this Authorization and Release before signing below and fully understand its meaning and impact, and have freely consented to its contents.

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