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Products are sold by display.


Capilex and ConSeal-AlH

28 chews/box

6 boxes/display


Capilex MSRP: $29.98-$37.48  (plus tax)

ConSeal-AlH MSRP:  $19.60-$24.50  (plus tax)



14 chews/box

6 boxes/display

Lysinex MSRP:  $17.98-$22.48  (plus tax)



1 tube/box

10 boxes/display

Deter-X MSRP: $20-$25 (plus tax)


* All products are sold exclusively to veterinarians. If you are a pet owner, please contact your veterinarian for ordering information.

For new accounts or to update credit card information, please call direct 877-801-8409 x1.

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