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Bock Vet Pharma® Products

Bock Vet Pharma represents a distinctive approach to partnering with the veterinary community, as we independently manufacture, sell, and distribute our own products.  We are dedicated to providing veterinary-exclusive, clinically-proven products.  Our products are manufactured in the USA with the same quality and standards set for prescription pharmaceuticals.  Bock Vet Pharma products are designed to improve compliance and foster the human-pet bond.  

Bock Vet Pharma manufactures, markets and sells products in the companion animal market, including Deter-X®, Capilex®and Lysinex®. Using cutting-edge technology, the company’s Capilex and Lysinex products provide highly palatable, once-a-day administration with proven efficacy and precision dosing.  And, Deter-X, an innovative topical barrier formulation, provides extended effect with convenient, alternate day application.  With Bock Vet Pharma products, pets willingly take medications without resistance.

Bock Vet Pharma proudly manufactures our products in an FDA-regulated manufacturing facility in the United States to meet the highest standards. Our standards are so stringent, that we actually produce our products in the same facility where human label pharmaceuticals are made. Our manufacturing facility utilizes current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) as promulgated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Our  processes, analytical methods, microbiological methods and cleaning procedures are constantly validated to fully comply with cGMP.  Our Quality Control laboratory is capable of complete chemical and microbiological testing, as well as required stability studies. You can be confident that your Bock Vet Pharma products meet the high quality and safety standards you demand for your animal “family”.